What we do

At Special Ships, we provide consulting to the marine and subsea construction industry. With our services you get competent support for your projects and business activities that have to with design, construction and operation of special purpose ships. Contact us today and see what our experts can do for you.

We specialize in marine vessels that are used for offshore, marine and subsea construction such as derrick vessels, pipelay vessels, cargo barges, diving support vessels etc.

We also leverage our expertise in naval; architecture and marine equipment engineering to assist with other special purpose ships such as fishing vessels, dredgers, cable layers etc.

See what we can offer

Marine installation

Special Ships can provide consultancy on marine transportation and installation projects

New build vessels

Naval architecture support, mission equipment engineering support for new build subsea construction vessels including mission equipment

Mission equipment

Concept design,  procurement support and engineering verification support for mission specific equipment on subsea and offshore construction equipment